My field of research is algebraic topology.

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Andrew Stacey worked with me as an RA on an EPSRC funded project on stable and unstable operations in higher K-theory.

Constanze Roitzheim worked with me as an RA funded by an EPSRC grant, held jointly with Andy Baker of the University of Glasgow. The project was 'Rigidity theorems in stable homotopy theory'. She is now based in Kent.

PhD students

I currently have three PhD students, Jack Davidson, Andrew Fisher (jointly supervised with James Cranch) and Leyna Watson May.

Nine PhD students have completed their theses under my supervision: M J Strong completed her PhD thesis with me in 2008, Tony Hignett in 2009, Laura Stanley in 2011, Khairia Mira in 2012, Gemma Halliwell, Shadman Kareem and Will Mycroft in 2018,  Dan Graves in 2020 and James Brotherston in 2022.

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