Below are slides from some talks I have given. I mostly give blackboard talks, so this is a selection where I used slides instead.

Model structures and spectral sequences (PDF, 588KB)
GDR Topologie Algebrique, Strasbourg, October 2021.

Model structures and spectral sequences (PDF, 578KB)
Online Algebraic Topology Seminar (OATS), November 2020. Video recording

Model category structures and spectral sequences (PDF, 365KB)
British Topology meeting, Open University, Milton Keynes, September 2018.

Algebraic structures in topology (PDF, 268KB)
LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meeting, Manchester, December 2012.

Infinite sums of Adams operations (PDF, 50KB)
It was mainly a blackboard talk, with just a few slides, Arolla, August 2004.

Infinite sums of Adams operations (PDF, 102KB)
Bonn workshop on structured ring spectra, September 2004. Event information

Stable and unstable operations in p-local K-theory (PDF, 75KB)
International Mediterranean Congress of Mathematics, Almería, June 2005.

On the KU_(p) local stable homotopy category (PDF, 96KB)
Conference on the arithmetic of structured ring spectra, Rosendal, Norway, August 2005.

Stable and unstable operations in mod p cohomology theories (PDF, 116KB)
Complex cobordism in homotopy theory: Its impact and prospects (the Ravenel and Wilson birthday conference), Johns Hopkins, March 2007.

Documents related to my lectures at the LMS-EPSRC Instructional Course on Algebraic Topology at Swansea, July 2005:

Slide version of a beamer talk on elliptic cohomology (PDF, 115KB)
Durham Prospects in Mathematics Meeting, December 2006.